The perks of a cold winter

. 1 min read

I was planning on shooting today's WIP video outdoors (in the same woods as the Forest Friday video from last fall, but now in a winter coat), but hell, if it wasn't cold outside! Freaking -10 degrees Celsius (that's 14 degrees Fahrenheit!) and I have no idea if my Canon is able to stand temperatures like that. (Then again, blaming the camera is such a copout. The device handled the snowstorm we got two days ago with ease.) Walking to the office, I dreamt of sitting in a steam room, inside a warm blanket, sipping hot chocolate - a total overkill.

But really, a cold winter is a surprisingly positive thing. Sure, you have to take caution with handling your car. Sure, you may come to regret a long walk if you've left the house inadequately dressed. However, the pros trump the cons hands down:

  1. At least it's not too hot, like last summer. I still have the mental scars.
  2. You get to feel super alive when the frost hits your face.
  3. Your mental strength increases as you have an opportunity to refuse to complain about the temperature.
  4. The magical scenery! The winter wonderland, just outside your window! Sunrises and sunsets in a cloudless sky over a snowy field! Out of this world.
  5. Did I mention at least it's not summer.

Personally, I didn't have a problem with winter to begin with, but I've really come to appreciate it's beauty and character. Nature has gone to sleep, but the world is still awake, showing another side to it - and thus reveals a new side of yourself as well. You have serenity in you. It could be asleep during the summer, but come winter, it crawls from under the blanket, stretches its legs and arms and gets up, ready to guide you through the darkness.

Hopefully I'll find something metaphorical about the upcoming summer as well.