The plant effect

. 1 min read

Plants are funny. I'm all for having plants in your house - they produce oxygen and look beautiful and make any space cozy and lively and flowing with nature. They help calm your mind when you get home after a hard day's work, and as pleasing to the eye, they make any space better. Then again, if you eat even a little of certain plants (or too much of certain other plants), you die.

How interesting is that! You surround yourself with beautiful and deadly things. (Are plants earthly sirens?)

A scene comes to mind from the movie The Fault in our Stars (2014), where Augustus places a cigarette between his lips, yet doesn't light it - because he likes the idea of having something so deadly so close to him. He sees this act as having control over death. While most people don't hold unlighted cigarettes between their lips to feel like masters of death, I reckon they don't think of the plants they use to decorate their homes as fatal chemical assassins, either.

But wouldn't it be a fun bonus to think you're the master of death in addition to having a beautiful, earthy, aesthetic, and cozy home? I think it would be fun indeed! The psychological effect could drill even further: what if considering yourself the master of death lead to considering yourself the master of everything else as well - your life, universe, happiness, career, relationships?

This could be just self-help bullcrap. Or maybe not. I have no idea. I just think it would be an interesting experiment. And even if the master of death identity doesn't feel yours, you'll have a beautiful home filled with nature. So, you have nothing to lose, and everything to gain.

Unless, of course, you actually go ahead and take a bite of that yucca.