The psychological effects of Backstreet Boys

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Recently, I had the pleasure of attending a Backstreet Boys gig. I mentioned in this WIP video that I'm a fan of sorts of the band and that I used to listen to them in my youth in the 90's. (Back then I had no idea what they were singing about.) The tickets came for sale last November and I immediately purchased mine.

The last two days leading up to the gig day I listened to all their greatest hits and the new DNA album to get into a nostalgic mood. I found myself feeling all the teen yearning angst feelings I felt back in the day when Incomplete and Inconsolable came out. I noticed my mind going back to childhood memories when hearing Drowning and Larger Than Life. And when hearing Chances for the first time last week, it stuck in my head and probably turned the song into a cue for memories about this summer.

I realized that boybands, especially this particular one, make everything better. They make memories more vivid and feelings stronger. The spirit of the beartbroken lyrics felt like they'd been engraved in the heart of my teenage self - and I could still feel them, all these years later, even if the angsty yearning is long gone now.

I went to the gig. The place was packed with women both my age and a little older - those ladies who had been fans for literally 26 years, something I can't say for myself (more like 18 years). A handful of men in their 30s (probably dragged there by the women), and one elderly couple.

And oh my gosh, they totally cheered for the wrong songs! While I went nuts over The Call and Incomplete and Chances, it seemed like no one else did! Instead, they screamed (right into my ear) with fanaticism when they heard the first notes of songs like Quit Playing Games, Show Me The Meaning of Being Lonely, and As Long As You Love Me.

For a display of how much I dislike the last one mentioned, check out the video link in the beginning of this article.

Okay, I'm quitting the rant now. All I'm saying is that I have a better taste of music than those fanatic women. (This is sarcasm, of course. We're still talking about BSB here.) And also, that it's okay to like boy bands. Personally I prefer BSB to NSYNC or NKOTB or whatever other abbreviations there may be, but I don't care which you like, if any. What I care about is the fact that BSB aplified my chilhood memories and my teenage heart angst-yearn emotions, giving me an insane nostalgic feeling whenever I listen to their music.

And for that, I'm thankful.


P.S. Kevin, I totally <3 you, xoxo.