The relativity of perspective in terms of mental state

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Something quite obvious and yet something I hadn't much thought about was pointed out to me a while back. It got me thinking. It was the scariest thing I'd heard in years:

It doesn't matter if you're an idealist or an individualist or have high ambition and high expectations, because it all vanishes the moment you get sick or momentarily depressed. All of it. The individualist turns into a communist. Ambitions are crushed. There's suddenly nothing to except in the future.

You've probably experiences this whenever you had the flu or a headache had to vomit. All higher values disappear when a more acute situation presents itself - you just want to survive, get better, feel okay again, regardless of things like values or integrity. And until you do, the thought of running a marathon or grinding with work is disgusting.

Even if you're not physically sick, only temporarily depressed, you feel like nothing's ever going to work and you'll never reach any higher level on anything you're trying to progress with.

This is because at the time, you think you can judge the world objectively only in your current mental state; that in all other mental states you have a distorted point of view. This applies to all mental states, whether sick or healthy or depressed or happy. You always think you're objective in that very state only.

A capitalist, when happy and healthy, cannot conceive the idea of turning into a socialist by merely being sick. That same capitalist, when throwing up in the toilet, cannot conceive the idea of being a self-reliant entrepreneur.

Sounds crazy, right?