The self-explanatory 10X rule explained

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Now that I think of it, I reckon the first time I was introduced to the concept of Grant Cardone was by seeing a video on Youtube in which he hosted a Survival style apprenticeship contest called 'Whatever It Takes'. He put the contestants through all kinds of tasks to see which of them was worthy of a job in his firm. The show was a lot of fun (for me) and I was sad to see it end after the first (or was it second? I don't remember) season. Anyway, it became clear pretty quickly that Cardone was a no-bullshit, say-it-like-it-is guy.

Then I found out that he'd written some (spelling-mistake-including) bestseller books and decided to read 'The 10X Rule'. And it was marvelous. He puts it so bluntly it seems like he's stating the obvious, like the truth has always been right there under my nose, yet at the same time he seems like the first person who ever thought of it.

Whatever you want in life, give it a numerical value and multiply it by 10. Then adjust your game plan according to that new goal.

The example he uses the most is that when asked how much money they'd like to have, people usually answer "a million dollars". And according to Cardone, this is both wayyy to little and also too general a number - two hundred and thirteen million five hundred and twenty thousand seven hundred and sixty-three would be immensely better. Because it's specific. And more than just that general 'one million' - a number that wasn't thought up by you but by some external suggestion common in society.

But most importantly, whatever then number is, multiply it by ten - and then go work for that new goal. Because whatever the number is, you're gonna fall short of it, so it's somewhat more economically beneficial to fall short of 10 million than one million. Because you'll adjust. You'll work for the goal you've set. It's all about tuning your mindset into thinking big.

So when you're going after that 213,520,763 dollars, hustle your ass off. And when you get home, use the same method to achieve the level of relaxation and relationships you desire. The extremes will balance each other without a need for a middle ground.