The Subtle Art of Living Your Best Life

. 1 min read

I used to think that living your life well meant focusing on the big things - mainly, your life's work. Having grandiose goals. Being successful. Demanding more out of yourself.

How cliché.

The sweetest nuggets of life, as it turns out, happen within that grandiose life, in the small moments between.

So if the grandiose life is the entrée, the dessert is those little fleeting moments of utter happiness, scattered all over your time.

Sitting under a rainfall shower head, the hot water cuddling your ice cold body.

Peoplewatching with champagne by a busy street.

Being both excited and on the same page about a project with a work associate.

Noticing that the sauce your salmon was served with is excellent.

A gush of wind on your face.

The smell of the sea.

Realizing, suddenly and spine-tinglingly, that your person is a separate entity from you.



Hope for the future.

Wishing you the best weekend of your life,