The way I eat my donuts

. 1 min read

So in my journey into intuitive eating - after years of restricting either energy or carbohydrate intake - I've really tried to listen to my body's signals and give it exactly what it wants. There was a week in February when I ate only fruits and oatmeal. Last week, I ate beef with aioli every day. This week, between Monday and Wednesday, I ate four donuts, one to two a day. (Then on Thursday I suddenly got over donuts and felt more like carrot cake and had that instead.)

What's especially noteworthy about my eating donuts is that I've never liked them all that much. I've always found them a little dry. (Which is why I don't like cookies, by the way - the dryness.) But that was before I discovered the secret to making donuts less dry and thus not suck but be totally awesome: slicing the donut horizontally in half and adding a glorious dollop of whipped cream in the middle.

And wham, just like that you have the perfect donut that's greasy and sweet and moist in just the right balance.

I get that this might sound like a disgusting idea to some - but for me, as someone who's thought for years that donuts (with the wheat and the sugar and the vegetable oil) are the culmination of unhealthy processed food-like products and that dairy is far from optimal human nutrition, this is the perfect treat to teach my obsessive mind that food is just food and that I won't die from having processed carbs.

Because, you know, I used to. Think I'd die. Or at least permanently ruin my health.

I'm not suggesting you eat donuts with whipped cream, but I am suggesting you try challenging your opinions about food and have something you fear or you've deemed bad. Hopefully you'll find you're not obsessing over nutrition, and that there's something else in your life besides thinking about your next meal.