The worst editing software I still use

. 1 min read

When I first started making videos for the Worth in Progress YouTube channel, I had to procure some sort of editing software. Because you know, you can't just post unedited material for all Internet to see. However, my teeny-weeny laptop couldn't process any heavy editing software, so I had to do the work on my partner's computer, which only had Ubuntu. Don't get me wrong - I totally prefer Linux over Windows, I think it's superior in every way - but what editing software works with Linux?

Turned out, the easy answer was Kdenlive, which we downloaded to the computer and which I immediately began learning.

But here's the catch. Kdenlive and Ubuntu is a terrible combination. The software would crash multiple times during ONE video editing process. And don't even dream about layering multiple videos on top of one another. During the months I used the software (too lazy to solve the problem), I learned to press Ctrl+S before and after I added a title clip, an audio track, the intro clip, and the outro screen. Somehow, constant saving decreased the likelihood of crashing.

The crazy part? I still use Kdenlive. The solution to all the crashing and what not was trying the software on my teeny-weeny-no-memory-no-CPU-capacity laptop with Windows. And guess what? It hasn't crashed once. It just takes forever to render.

When I say forever, I mean it literally: yesterday it took 44 minutes.

So yes, Kdenlive is the worst editing software I still use. It's also the best, but only because I don't know better. At least it doesn't crash anymore. And I can spend that 44 minutes reading Dostoyevsky. (I can't do anything else with the laptop while the video renders - it would never finish rendering.)

So yeah, I recommend Kdenlive, at least if you're just starting and don't want to spend excess money. But dear lord, ditch it and move on with your life, if you can.