Things got a little out of hand

. 1 min read

Over the autumnal season, I have stealthily acquired five advent calendars. I've hardly noticed that this is happening. First, it was a simple one with hand-drawn pictures. Then I found the tea one. Then my partner and I bought one from a charity and another from Cub Scouts. Then we went to a Lindt store and I bought the chocolate calendar with the factory theme. And based on historical data, there will be at least one more (my partner tends to surprise me with a beauty calendar).

Also, while at the Lindt store, some other chocolates just grabbed onto me and decided to come home with me, namely, a large bag of those pick-and-choose items of confectionery and two boxes of chocolates: coconut and rum sticks (for me) and dessert-flavored pieces (apparently for my partner but we'll see about that).

Then, yesterday, we were hanging up Christmas lights outside when suddenly it became apparent that we should have both warm and cool lights together around a garland as well as colorful lights around a potted fir and a box tree. We might also add a reindeer. It's about time we have a reindeer.

We also bought some white ornaments that we definitely do not need because we have a ton of them already left over from previous years.

...and we bought a sheepskin and sixty tealights. For coziness.

So yeah. No control. Absolutely no control.

December is coming.