Tips to surviving OMAD (one meal a day)

. 2 min read

Since Monday this week, I've been doing this one meal a day (OMAD) experiment. For the rules and a general description of the experiment I refer to Monday's article. It's been a few days now, and I feel like I have to say something already. I'll cover the results on Sunday, but today, I'll share some tips on how to survive the OMAD experiment.

You see, it came to me as an utter shock how I craved whipped cream in the evening of day 1. Usually I would just give in the the craving but this time I was both dairy-free and OMAD, so I couldn't have an extra snack in the evening - not even meat or eggs. I had made sure that I'd eaten enough in my One Meal. But that didn't stop the craving. One thing that helped with the craving was

  1. Hot water with lemon juice and apple cider vinegar. It killed the craving and made me feel full again. This also works when you're starting to feel hungry but don't want to eat yet.

Another thing is that if you eat too early, you'll feel weak in the evening. You should push your meal as far into the afternoon as possible. This isn't an easy task, but you can make it easier by

  1. Drinking your morning coffee later, for example around noon, and having that ACV drink in the morning instead. Coffee, while it fills your stomach and gives you an illusion of energy, will make you hungry once the effect wears off. The ACV drink helps you keep a full feeling without getting hungry afterwards.

Then, when you eat your One Meal, you should really make sure you eat enough so you won't crash later. For me, it was a hideous amount of both eggs and a variety of whatever meat I could find, plus a lot of different fat sources, including butter, extra virgin olive oil, egg yolks, and avocados. So remember to

  1. Eat enough. Really enough. Beyond satisfied, more like stuffed. You have to make it last the next 23 hours, and things will get really uncomfortable if you don't get enough energy in.

Three more days, and we'll find out my results and if my body has had enough time to adapt to this new habit - or if I have to go back to two meals a day.