Treat Yourself? Is That a Dessert?

. 2 min read

I've been struggling with the abundance mindset lately. All those nights in hotels, all that champagne, all those business expenses... I feel like I must have run out of money by now. It just has to show. And while I know, rationally, that there's more than enough of money in the world to go around, more for me than I could ever spend, I still feel stuck with that creeping scarcity mindset.

So when Christina the Channel's email newsletter message asked me if I wanted to join a (free...) 8-day abundance challenge, I thought it was the answer to my anguish.

(As if the universe knew what I wanted, and provided, in divine timing. I should have known something like this was just about to come knocking on my door.)

So of course, I immediately signed up, and soon enough, daily action prompts started arriving in my inbox, starting from small stuff like dressing your best and leaving a tip, and moving on to more demanding tasks, like asking for a favor... and today, treating yourself.

Treating yourself? What is that? A dessert of sorts?

All I "want" right now is to get rid of this scarcity mindset. But that's not what today's task is about. Today's task is about a smaller thing that will cue your brain into thinking that you have abundance.

I sincerely want to succeed in this task and treat myself with something I actually like, not just some cop-out treat like pudding from the store. Pudding is not a challenge, abundance-wise, to me. It has to be something bigger... but it also cannot be something big I don't want, just for the sake of bigness. (Read: I don't really like designer handbags.)

Maybe I should buy myself something that's on my vision board. Like this one specific coffee maker.

…which, now that I think of it, is kind of perfect, because my old coffee maker just broke.

Shit. Am I really about to buy the coffee maker of my dreams? The one I thought I'd only have like five years into the future?