Tuesday thoughts

. 3 min read

It's time to have some random Tuesday thoughts again. I've noticed some things lately and analyzing things is always fun! Hopefully you'll get excited about analyzing things in your life as well!

1. Some people sabotage themselves intentionally. Actually, I can't be sure if they're doing it intentionally or unintentionally, consciously or unconsciously, but this happens all the time. Somehow, people don't want what's best for them. In Jordan Peterson's book 12 Rules for Life he has an entire rule dedicated to how people take better care of their pets than of themselves. I know a girl who wants to lose a lot of weight. She says she's tried every diet there is - although naming only those ridiculous, unsustainable crash ones like something called "the cucumber diet", while having never heard of keto for example - and she talks and shows emotions that indicate she truly is fed up with her body. Then she goes and eats trash. It's as if she's trying to prove to herself that she can't lose the weight with her own effort so she can, with self-justified reason, go and get herself a surgery to fix the problem - so the surgery will take care of the problem and she doesn't have to. And don't get me wrong - I've sabotaged my own efforts and goals and life in general, I still do, but at least I try so see the situation as something I can recognize and control.

2. Cheese and whipped cream are delicious, but not for everyone's bowel. I mentioned earlier here on WIP that I went back to full carnivore the day I cried my eyes out as my mental state went haywire - and it fixed the problem. But plain meat is just plain. I wondered if I can have high-fat dairy as well (full knowing that in one WIP video about keto I mention that a dairy-free keto works best for me). I've considered all milk (from skimmed to full fat) bad for years now so that wasn't an option, but I tried high-fat whipped cream. It was delicious. I ate it two days in a row as a dessert. Then, on day three, my skin had broken out. So, alas, whipping cream does not suit me, even if my bowel was somewhat fine with it. Then, after hearing from Dr. Berry on YouTube that hard cheeses had a different molecular structure than liquid dairy, I tried a little bit of cheddar as a snack. It was delicious. The next morning, my stomach felt weird. Conclusion: it's possible that I can't handle any type of dairy. But you could! If your body can handle it, would you have extra whipped cream and cheddar in my stead, please?

3. Sometimes it's better to speak up. You know that feeling when something someone else does or doesn't do bothers you, but you don't want to say anything not to seem petty or complaining? And then what happens? That bothering feeling grows into irritation, and irritation finally into resentment - at which point you no longer see a point in being friends (or other relation) with that person. So what do you have to lose if you speak up and say something in the beginning, before the bothering has turned into resentment? You risk losing their friendship, but you would lose it later anyway. Perhaps you want to see if the problem is actually with you instead of them; that you really are petty and a complainer of little things. And that's fine. You should see if the problem is with you. But if you can't seem to get over it, speak up. The risk of losing a friend, compared to the risk of becoming resentful, is worth taking.

Tomorrow we'll talk about incentivizing yourself.