Tuesday thoughts

. 2 min read

Hello! This Tuesday I'll try a new format for an article - a thoughts format - meaning that I shall not cover a philosophical or psychological subject but talk about whatever has passed my mind. This will probably be the most boring article in Worth in Progress history.

One thing I'd like to talk about is sleeping in. My partner and I had a wonderful staycation last weekend. We do it two or three times a year, and every time we do, two things are certain: 1) it's always epic, and 2) we have a blast. Somehow my body hasn't recovered from the weekend yet because I've slept in two days in a row now. And when I do finally wake up (around 8 am), I feel terrible - mentally - because I let myself sleep in. During a staycation it's fine and a part of the experience; after all, you're kind of having a holiday. But during the week it just makes me irritable. I should break the habit asap.

Another thing: before the staycation I spent five days eating carnivore style, meaning that I left all vegetables out from my otherwise keto diet. I ate eggs, chicken, reindeer, and butter. (Butter and eggs aren't technically carnivore, but what the hell.) It was so easy - I didn't have to think about what to eat at all, just opened the fridge and pulled out some chicken or some bacon and cooked it. Or fried or boiled some eggs. I felt super light all the time and contrary to expectations I didn't crave broccoli at all. (It's insane, I know. What could be more craveable than broccoli and butter?) I decided to continue the eating style this week as well, although I suppose I'll bring broccoli and cauliflower and zucchini back eventually.

Thirdly - even though I woke up on the wrong side of the bed - my day started turning around after I got to the office and started working. Also getting some caffeine in my system may have contributed. I mean, all morning I had this blustering voice in my head shouting (at whom? Universe? Karma?) that this is the day I'll get some ice cream and cheetos and whiskey from the store and spend the rest of the day watching Notting Hill, The Shawshank Redemption, AND The Other Guys and getting drunk of alcohol and carbs. Doing some work done always helps turn this kind of mentality around. You feel like you're not as much of a loser as you thought back in the morning when you woke up and realized you'd slept in again. (I did end up watching Notting Hill, though - but only because I'd already watched it halfway through yesterday.)

Some thoughts for Tuesday. Tomorrow, we'll return to psychology.