Turns out I suck at making promises I can't keep

. 2 min read

So here's the thing: last year, I made a pact with myself that I would do Worth in Progress every day for a year. I took this pact very seriously. In fact, at times it has felt very mandatory: as if I would lose myself if I didn't honor the pact.

I did it. I honored the pact. I started Worth in Progress July 25th, 2018 - which means that tomorrow's article will stand for the one-year mark. When tomorrow's article goes live, I'll have done Worth in Progress for exactly one year.

That says nothing of the other side of WIP - the videos. I started making them in August 2018, publishing one per day since then. Which means that I need to reach the one-year mark there as well.

I must admit there have been one or two-day breaks on the YouTube channel - but that fear of losing myself was and is present there as well, so whenever I have needed a break, I've either shot videos in advance and then scheduled their publication, or published two videos a day after the break until I reached my one-video-per-day schedule if I had to take a break having no videos in store. So all's good there as well.

It's been hard at times. I've had a lot less inspiration to write articles and make videos in 2019 in comparison to 2018. Although I do enjoy writing the articles. Much more than shooting the videos.

I've had tons of reasons and opportunities to quit, but I didn't. I made a promise to stick to it for a year. I had to keep that promise. I'm not very good at making promises I can't keep.

So I'm not going to stop doing WIP, but I'll probably post articles less often and once I reach the one-year mark with the videos I'll slow down with those as well. I mean, making one video per day is hard. Especially with no inspiration and few viewers.

Tomorrow we'll take a look at the past year, highlights and epiphanies, and bring one chapter of Worth in Progress to a close.