Turns Out That There ARE Undraining People

. 1 min read

As an introvert (the most cliché sentence beginning ever), I thought all people are people who drain you of energy, and if you manage to find someone who doesn't drain you, you had better make them your significant other, so you won't need to be afraid of energy drainage when spending time with them. (Because, you know, you may have to live with them and thus spend more time with them than with anyone else.)

Everyone in my blood family drains me of energy, and I need alone time afterwards to recharge.

All the Uni friends I got drain me of energy, and I need alone time afterwards to recharge.

So can you imagine my surprise when I went to dinner with some new friends and didn't feel drained at all? I mean - I felt energized afterwards! What the hell is that?!

Now that I think of it, if the Law of Attraction is right at all, it might be that have manifested like-minded people. You know, because like attracts like. And perhaps like-minded people do not drain you of energy. Instead they energize you.

I had no idea that was even possible! I thought the property of being draining is characteristic to humans, all of them, instead of just un-like-minded people.

Mind. Blown.

Shit. I want to keep these people. How do I keep these people?! By being me?

How do I do that?!