Two elements for the perfect storm emerge

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Ask, and you shall receive.

Yesterday I talked about the script inception and how being a tyrant to myself, forcing myself into a mold that doesn't suit me anymore, was becoming a problem. I talked about not feeling like working when I arrive at the office in the morning (a cue that normally should switch me into work mode) and MJ DeMarco's message in Unscripted (how you're allowed to script your own life).

Today, two things happened:

  1. I got an email announcement that MJ's new book is coming out in a few days.
  2. YouTube suggested this video to me in which Cal Newport says: do less, do those things better, know why you're doing them; become so good in some one thing that they cannot ignore you; time block your days so that you don't need to wonder what to do at any given hour.

This pairing seems like the positive equivalent of the perfect storm: the two pieces of a puzzle to put together for a new surge of enthusiasm, inspiration, and excitement.

I can't tell you how much I've craved those three things lately!

This is incredible. I'm so looking forward to reading MJ's new book and implementing whatever I learn from it together with what Cal's saying. I'm so ready to re-script my life into the absolute best it can be right now. And I'm so excited to take my Best Year Ever project to the next level with this new framework in mind.

So here's what I'm thinking:

  1. Do less: focus on writing and publishing books.
  2. Do those things better: practice makes perfect, so all I need to do is put in the hours and work deliberately.
  3. Know why you're doing them: give art to the world. Increase beauty and insights. Produce work of value.  
  4. Become so good they cannot ignore you: practice that one area that I feel most drawn to.
  5. Time blocking: working hours, administrative hours, research hours, inspiration hours. Reading MJ's books, among other good books, belongs integrally to the last category and I should definitely be doing it every day.

Obviously the list above is my personal plan, but you can make your own based on the titles of each entry: do less, do those things better, know why you're doing them, become so good they cannot ignore you, and time blocking. Write down whatever each of those could mean to you.

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