Two wrong ways to talk to yourself

. 1 min read

Last weekend, I caught myself saying out loud something that I've always feared and perhaps even subconsciously accepted: I'm not good at anything; I'm average at everything. And that is literally the worst case scenario.

The most devastating part is that this isn't something that's happened to me. I am the active agent. I've actually let myself think that I'm the volunteer victim of the freaking worst case scenario.

This changes NOW.

From now on, no negative self talk - no positive negative sentences and no negative positive sentences. Only positive positive sentences and negative negative sentences. For example:

  1. I'm a bad writer I'm a good writer.
  2. I'm not a good person I'm not a bad person.
  3. I'll never write a good novel I always write good novels.
  4. I'm not creative I am VERY creative.
  5. I'm too stupid I'm not stupid at all.
  6. I'm unoriginal I'm original.
  7. I'll regret my life I'll be proud of my life.
  8. I'm average I'm not average. Obviously.

FUCK negative self talk. FUCK selling yourself down. FUCK telling yourself you're not everything you are. FUCK it.

Who you are depends entirely on how you see yourself. Not on how others see you, but how you see yourself. And how you see yourself depends on how you talk to yourself. Not how others talk to you, but how you talk to yourself.

You are every positive adjective you set for yourself from the moment you set them for yourself. Identify with all the things you want to be. By regularly telling yourself you're all the good things you want to be, you become their embodiment.

Cognitive dissonance 101.