Waiting for Christmas

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Proven by WIP's abundance of Christmas related articles last fall and all of December, I am, to the core, a Christmas person. I don't live for Christmas per se - I enjoy a variety of different holidays and special occasions all year round - but I enjoy Christmas so much that I've started celebrating it regularly throughout the year. Because if I'm not celebrating Christmas, I'm definitely waiting for Christmas, and that alone deserves its own little events.

In my household, we have parties for the expectation of Christmas on three dates: when it's 300 days until Christmas eve (February 27th), when it's 200 days until Christmas eve (June 7th), and when it's 100 days until Christmas eve (September 15th). The party usually includes Christmas food (most likely swede casserole since it's my favourite), a Christmas card, perhaps a Christmas present, scented candles, a fireplace video, some type of Christmas lighting, Christmas carols, and, of course, a Christmas tree. (Not a real one though. A small plastic one. You can't get a real Christmas tree anywhere in any other month besides December.)

You may think this is crazy. And perhaps it is. But if this is crazy, I don't want to be sane. The most amazing perk of being an adult is that you can do whatever you want, including getting excited for Christmas hundreds of days in advance.

Now, I know the next party won't be until next month, but lately I've been feeling super excited about Christmas. It might be because it's been what seems like forever since last December. Or because I'm in such a good mood in general nowadays and I think wonderful things when I'm in a good mood and Christmas is a wonderful thing. Or because the 200 day party is approaching. I'm not sure.

What I am sure about is that this mental state I'm in is a very good thing. I understand that you might not like Christmas. You may be more into another holiday or something completely different, like Marvel movies. Your enthusiasm about whatever you're enthusiastic about has no decreasing effect on my enthusiasm about Christmas whatsoever. In fact, I'd say knowing you're enthusiastic about something only increases my enthusiasm.

Enthusiasm is the word.

Celebrate your interest all year round if you like. Both you and the interest deserve it.