Waiting is a form of work

. 1 min read

A few things -

one, my hair looks very blonde and chic in the reflection in the glass window of this cafe, and

two, waiting for December seems to have been a form of work so far, which is something I don't think I've ever experienced before. Usually, I need loads of work work to feel like I've earned Christmas (read: December holiday). But this year, it feels like the wait is half the work, and I only need the regular amount of work work on top of it to get that "earned" feeling.

Don't get me wrong. I realize that it's already the 17th and what's left of this month is literally no time at all. But I also feel like I've waited for December for months and months already. Last summer was hard, and it's possible that that drained me of the energy I would have needed for work, and now, to solve the cognitive dissonance of not having enough energy to work double-time, I've subconsciously counted waiting as half of the work.

Makes no sense at all, though.