What happens if you eat the same foods every day?

. 2 min read

Remember when food turned into ash in my mouth last year?

Well, I've been eating the same dishes every day for a couple of weeks now. If I'm home, it's either ground beef with red onion and butter, or scrambled eggs with red onion and butter. It's like I don't know how to make eggs any other way anymore, like I used to. What happened to omelets and frittatas and boiled eggs and over easies?

The obsession over red onion (literally putting it in everything) is probably the result of needing something to make those dishes interesting. It adds flavor and texture, so it's perfect. Though in the beginning, it was just for garnish. Now I chop up entire onions.

Anyway, the reason for this madness is that I quit sugar for a few weeks (to reset my taste buds to be able to enjoy Christmas chocolates, just like last year), and thus, all that remained in my diet after subtracting Lindt white chocolate and Haribo gummy candies was meat and eggs. My plan was to bring in rice and pumpkin and other starchy stuff to replace the sugar, but since cooking those is always a hassle, they've dropped out on their own accord.

So now, all I eat is ground beef and eggs. And red onion. Lots of red onion.

Therefore, all I ever crave is ground beef, eggs, and red onion. Literally.

I don't know what else I expected to happen, because I knew, of course, that the body always craves the things you give it. It goes, "it seems this is all we eat now... all right, I'm hungry, gimme some of it."

I try to crave chocolate. But every time I imagine the taste, it's meh. Even gummy bears seem too dry now.

Anyway, the answer to the title question, what happens if you eat the same foods every day: you only feel like eating those foods, and every other food loses its allure.

But a new question that bothers me: if my sweet cravings die off before December, how long will it take to revive them? I'll only have four weeks to eat the bloody truffles!