What if you wake up tomorrow and your talents will be gone?

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You know how all animated children's movies have some sort of lesson to be learned behind it? With Monsters, Inc., it's thinking outside the box. With Frozen, it's embracing who you are and being yourself. With Despicable Me, it's the importance of family.

Well, I saw the trailer of Turbo (2013) yesterday. If you haven't heard of the movie (it's not a popular one), it's about a snail who dreams of becoming super fast, accidentally ends up ingesting some weird motor oil from what looks like a Fast and Furious automobile, and wakes up the next morning to notice he has become faster than any race car. He decides to take part in a real car race to make use of his talents - and to realize his dreams.

This all sounds very cute; I think I might watch the movie. Not to mention that the trailer already revealed the lesson of the movie, in a scene where a slower, "ordinary" snail asks Turbo what will he do if he wakes up tomorrow and his new speedy talent is gone. And Turbo answers something like this:

Well, better make most of it today.

And while this sounds like a yolo attitude, Turbo isn't talking about ditching work and getting drunk (of course not, it's a children's movie) - he's talking about putting his talent into best use today, while he still has it.

See where this is going?

Heed Turbo's advice - make most of your talents today, while you still have them. While you may be quite confident that your talents won't disappear in your sleep (in the movie that's somehow expected to happen to Turbo at some point, for some reason), you may get into an accident or something else might happen that takes your ability to make use of your talent away.

You have a talent, even multiple talents. (Even if you don't think you do.) Use it. Make the most of it today. Your talent will, when actualized, make you happier and the world a better place.