What is Worth in Progress?

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There’s something about reading and writing and philosophizing and analyzing that treats the mind. I knew this already years and years back when I considered making recap videos about my favourite literature and posting them online - a consideration, I must add, was perhaps greatly influenced by the romantic atmosphere of the gas station that provided a pit stop during an autumn road trip. (There’s something about road trips and gas stations as well.)

So what I did was I went home, continued my studies and forgot the whole thing. Naturally. I worked in other jobs. I worked for my studies. I worked in jobs that suited my expertise. Sometimes all at once.

I suppose it really was a good consideration since years and years and a university degree later here I am, actually doing it.

Most of the content of this site will be greatly influenced by the literature I’ve read - sometimes so obviously that it might make you cringe - and I would like to declare this openly. I have no idea which ideas are of my own origin and which are copied. If you agree with Descartes and think people are tabula rasas before subjected to environmental influence, you could say none of the thoughts presented here are mine. But I’d like to think that even if most ideas are not mine, I just might have the ability to see things from a different point of view or combine different ideas in a new way from time to time. (And even then it might be someone else’s idea. I just wouldn’t realize.) I’ll refer to the appropriate pieces of literature when I know it has influenced what I write or say.

So welcome! I hope you enjoy the articles and videos and other content I create for the site. Comments are always appreciated, whether you agree or disagree with me or if you have a point of view I may not have considered. You can also contact me via email, see the About section.

Happy thinking!