Why autumn is the best

. 2 min read

Autumn is the best, and let me make it clear than I thought this way before it was autumn, unlike all those people who loved summer most of them all when it was summer and then jumped ship and joined autumn's ranks when the season changed. But I've been here for a long time now. And autumn knows it.

Autumn is the best, and while some people say they like it because they can't change the fact or because it gives them a good excuse to start wearing knits and drinking pumpkin spice lattes all the time, I have better reasons. I have the absolute best reasons.

  1. It's pleasantly chilly outside.
  2. It's not hot anymore.
  3. More temperature related reasons.

But seriously - strolling and running outside are infinitely more pleasant and fun when it's chilly and preferably windy and raining, too. Not to mention how the wind and the rain hit you in the face, making you feel more alive than ever. Not to mention the colors! And the state of mind to start new hobbies and new ventures and learn new skills and cook and bake things that weren't convenient during summer. Not to mention all the pumpkins and butternut squashes and other orange vegetables waiting for you to get them home from the store. Not to mention walking on an after-rain pavement with a takeaway coffee. Not to mention the chance to start choosing Christmas decorations (well, color palettes at least, if the decorations haven't appeared in the stores yet) (why don't they sell Christmas decorations all year round? Why?!). And making lists about Christmas presents. And more Christmas related reasons.

Not to mention Halloween! Don't get me started about Halloween. Making everything you eat orange - carrot soup, sweet potato pie, pumpkin bread, everything. And the decorations. And Harry Potter movies. (The first one in particular - it's a good Halloween movie.)

But more seriously now. The arrival of autumn makes your mind go into this "something will come to an end soon" state and you start pushing yourself further and you will try harder and get stuff done while you still can - before the year ends, that is. Because there's still time. You can still finish that book / that project / that design / that marathon / that skill before you settle down for the end-of-the-year holidays.

I can still finish that book. I can. If I put in the hours.