Why food is never just fuel

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I saw a video by the life coach Jaret Grossman on Youtube a few years back called 'Why you need premium fuel'. In the video he talked about food and meal prepping and sweet potatoes and why what you put in your mouth matters.

As I was listening, something clicked. I got it. All of a sudden, he was absolutely right.

What you put into your body, you'll get out of if.

The metaphor he used was the fuel you use to gas up your car. You could go for the gas that is cheaper but burns out faster, or you could go for the more expensive, high quality gas that burns out slower. The cheap gas refers to food that spikes your insulin levels for a moment and then crashes it down. The quality gas refers to food that gives you steady levels of energy for a longer time and does not push your blood sugar into a rollercoaster ride.

Yes, I get it - junk food in, junk food out; sweet potatoes in, sweet potatoes out. You want your body to be at the optimal state at all times so you won't have nasty surprises in you work efficiency. But there's another point.

What you put into your mouth tell your subconscious something about the person that's doing it.

If you eat junk food, cheap food that has all kinds of suspicious ingredients in it, it tells your subconscious you are junk, cheap, and full of suspicious ingredients. It starts to think you don't deserve anything better. And soon enough, you start to think yourself that you're not worthy of anything of quality in the world.

If you eat quality food, perhaps more expensive but nonetheless made with pure ingredients, it tells your subconscious that you possess features of quality, features that are expensive and therefore not accessible by everyone, and that you're made of pure ingredients - integrity, principles, self-respect. Your subconscious starts to think you're worthy of this high standard food - and soon enough it manages to change your opinions about yourself, what you're capable of, and what level of quality in all aspects in your life you should be expecting of yourself.

It's a simple yet super effective hack. Eat quality. Become quality.


P.S. Anyone seeing any fellatio references in this article - shame on you.