Why I don't vote anymore

. 1 min read

I find it funny how vitrually everyone is pushing the idea that voting in political elections is important. You've been so lucky as to be born into a democracy, so why do you take it for granted? You must vote - don't you want to affect the way this country is going? If you don't vote, you don't get to complain about the outcome!

Don't get me wrong - I used to vote. Back in the day when I was 18 or so and voting was a definitive proof that you were a mature, adult person. Back in the day when I had no opinion about politics.

I stopped voting around the same time when I first read Ayn Rand and realized how messed up the world was. Since then I've been a libertarian, and as a libertarian I think there should be no laws - safe for perhaps those that protect the individual from the state.

So is there a candidate who wants to demolish all laws and make himself unemployed?

I know my perfect world, where laws are not needed because people always act according to their rational self-interest, is a utopia. At least it is now when people want everything they want for free, without doing a damn thing to deserve it.

So, in a way, by not voting, I am voting. Which is good since I have better things to do besides go vote for someone who would definitely try to make my life worse. If no one voted, if everyone had something better to do besides complaining about the state of things and trying to make a change by voting for someone (sometimes not even based on the candidate's ideologies but based on their age and gender), it would be an obvious sign that people don't like the system as it is.

But then again, most people like the system as it is. Perhaps not knowingly, but because by voting they feel like mature, adult, upright citizens, who get to complain about the results.