Why I love Ikea

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Ikea is great. Words cannot describe how wonderful Ikea is. And to think it comes from as socialistic a country as Sweden it kind of makes you appreciate even more. Kind of. In a weird way.

When I first moved to an apartment of my own in the humble age of nineteen I purchased just about every piece of furniture to the new home from Ikea for the obvious reason of affordability. (And even then I think I used all the money I’d saved of the salaries of two years’ summer jobs.) Back then I loved Ikea and thought it was great, too, even if for other reasons. I loved the white Ektorp sofa (you know, the cheapest one) and that white paper lamp (you know, the cheapest one) and that white Billy bookshelf (quite cheap as well). (I guess I was really into white interior decor.)

Because what could beat the feeling of freedom when you move to your own place for the first time and can decorate it and paint it and sleep and eat however and whenever you like, without no one else dictating how it’s done? I even enjoyed doing the laundry by hand, something I’d never done in my life but had to do now because I couldn’t afford a laundry machine. But I did it, and liked it, because I did it. Because it was my responsibility.

Absolutely nothing, Nothing can beat the feeling of independence.

As the years passed, I remained a loyal customer of Ikea anytime I needed pillows or new bookshelves (I need new bookshelves regularly). Yet, sometime along the way, the reason for my passionate love changed. (I think it coincided with my first reading Rand. It would make most sense.) Now, when money is no longer the reason, if someone asked me why I go to Ikea and not some fancy and more expensive designer furniture provider that I could afford, I would say it’s because what Ikea symbolizes.

Ikea, for me, is the perfect symbol of capitalism. And capitalism done right, as well. Their mass production system and other functionalities provides jobs for 149 000 people while conserving the environment.

Not to mention they let me collect, pay, and assemble the products all by myself without having to communicate with any of those 149 000 people. Works well for an introvert!

If you’ve read this article, you know I recently decorated my new office. And even if you haven’t, you can probably guess where I headed the second I got the keys. Beside the large mug and scented candles I got from H&M Home (another Swedish company!), just about every piece I got for the place has been purchased from Ikea. I got two large rugs, pillows and mattresses for a reading corner, and twelve Lack TV benches for various purposes.

You read that right. I bought twelve TV benches from Ikea. Those nine pound ones. For my office. Those Lack benches are so multipurpose (I built a bookshelf and the reading corner base of them) that I wouldn’t be surprised if I ended up using those for a bed or a kitchen table some day.

Great value for money, and a great feeling of capitalism. Every time.

What do you think?


P.S. This article is not sponsored by Ikea.