WIP's Guide to Budapest

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Omg omg OMG I love Budapest so much! My trip to Budapest 18 months ago is easily among the best trips I've ever taken. Here's why. One, it's ideal for couples - super romantic and such. Two, you can walk around, no public transport needed. Three, the food & wine is affordable. Four, the white castle on the hill. I could go on forever, but I won't, because I need to be brief because this is a WIP travel guide. So without further ado, let's get down to it - and please forgive me for ditching the ironic style of previous WIP travel guides and being so overly excited about this city.

How to get the most out of Budapest, Hungary

1. Transport
Now here's a city where, as mentioned, you won't need any kind of public transport super hyper all-inclusive ticket. You can walk everywhere, and you should. It's the best way to experience the place.

2. Hotel
Some people say that you should get your hotel from the Pest side - meaning, the eastern side - of Danube, because that's where the action is. But they are so wrong! Buda kicks Pest's butt hands down with its higher ground, restaurant district, little quiet streets optimal for romantic late evening strolls, small family-run boutique hotels, the Buda Castle, the Matthias Church... I don't care what people say. Choose Buda.

3. What to see
If you're into bridges, then you're in for a treat. Despite the fame that surrounds the Chain Bridge - and don't get me wrong, it's nice - there are two other bridges to see as well: the white Elisabeth Bridge (a suspension bridge), and the Liberty Bridge (a truss bridge), both within walking distance from the Chain Bridge. You can also enjoy a hike up the Gellert Hill to see the Citadella, enjoy the white castle ruins a few miles to the north, or just hang out at the local Hard Rock Cafe. (I've been told the city also has an outdoor swimming pool thingy, with chessboards and everything, but I have no first hand information about it.)

4. What to eat
When I first arrived in Hungary on my trip, I was determined to get my hands on some authentic Hungarian food. So what could be better than goulash? The soup turned out far from delicious, and I "settled" for (pizza from Jamie's Italian and) exquisite fish dishes from other local restaurants. Try the goulash if you want, but consider yourself warned.

5. Entourage
Yes, another city where your travel group matters, but hey! It's a truly romantic place! Budapest reeks of romantic walks on stone paths among oak trees, late evenings in a bar just talking, and dinner cruises with champagne in the Danube. The place even has a romantic night lighting for all the main sights by the river. There's no question about it. The city is at its best when you experience it with someone special.

Unable to add anything sarcastic or irony infused, I think I'll call it a day of talking up Budapest and calm down a little. (You need to go there, though. Now. Where's your passport?)

Tomorrow we're exploring a city in Northern Europe.