WIP's Guide to Helsinki

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WIP travel guides move on to the capital of Finland. Helsinki is one of those towns where you can find yourself having fun if and only if you had low expectations of the place. There are no skyscrapers. There are no larger-than-life views or sights. But that doesn't mean you can't have a nice time. Let's see.

How not to get bored in Helsinki, Finland

1. Transport
The city allegedly has a subway, but you won't be using it. Trams are the cutest way of getting around. You can also walk if you can stand the freezing wind blowing from the sea. Note that the cheapest and most convenient way of getting from the airport to the center is by the local train - there's a station at the airport - so no need to think about cabs or shuttles.

2. Hotel
I suppose this is debatable (because the cute trams go everywhere like little worms), but I'd recommend choosing a hotel in the center, near the Stockmann department store. From there, if you can't walk to wherever you want to go, you can find a stop for every tram line just around the corner, and let the worm take care of the rest.

3. What to see
If you're a nature person, go for a lunch cruise in the archipelago, or visit the zoo. If you're into shopping, head to the department store mentioned above. If you enjoy nightlife, there's a nightclub in the center; just ask your hotel for directions. If you're into architecture, you're out of luck. (Just kidding, I'm sure there are some buildings there.)

4. What to eat
The Finnish don't have an authentic national food that you could get at every restaurant, which is probably a good thing. Some restaurants serve reindeer and moss, though, both of which are delicious when prepared well. If you don't want to be adventurous, most places have either pizza or pasta, or both.

5. Miscellaneous
Since there isn't much to do besides walking around and looking at the locals in their everyday back-and-forth hurrying, I recommend you find a comfy bar that has boardgames and spend your evenings enjoying pints and pints of beer of choice. This is what Finns do, and they live there, so how could it be a bad idea? Just get to your hotel before you pass out.

So there - Helsinki shouldn't perhaps be your first choice for a travel destination, but there's no reason you can't enjoy yourself if you keep your hopes down. Perhaps the northern part of the country would be more interesting?

Tomorrow, with the last installment of the WIP travel guides, we'll cover another Nordic capital.