Work Is a Form of Escapism

. 1 min read

To all you entrepreneurs out there: what's the hardest part about your solo venture? Making money? Landing clients? Managing yourself?

I suppose all answers are valid, so here's mine: believing in your own company the way you would believe in someone else's. In other words, trusting that you know best. Having that trust in an employer and his company was so easy in the past - outsourcing a sense of meaning is so human, am I right? But now, all that faith and trust and energy is directed at yourself.

Seeing the big picture isn't that easy when it springs from your own mind.

From time to time, you doubt that vision; your faith wavers; you question yourself. You wonder if you've gone far at all, if your project is at all that good of an idea, and if you will ever get the success you see in your mind.

And yes, from time to time, you consider getting an old-fashioned job. You know, working for someone else. You relish the idea of getting to outsource the meaning again, putting your energy into making someone else's dreams a reality, and not having to think for yourself. Ahh... the ultimate form of escapism, eight hours, five days a week. And can you imagine how good your free time will feel? It used to be special! Now, all you think about in your so-called free time is work!

Immediately with the relish, another thought rises: having tasted freedom, you don't know if you can ever stand a regular 9-to-5 job again. In fact, now that you think of it, you don't want to risk finding out that the magic is gone. It's easier, psychologically, to live in the belief that if you ever decided to go back to working for someone else, it would be there. The relief. The magic of hours disappearing. The deliciousness of the weekend.

So, until you absolutely have to find out, you save that option... and suddenly have faith in your own vision again. (Hopefully.)