Wow is the word

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I had a mini vacation on Monday - a combination of a road trip, a night in a hotel suite, swimming in a lake, eating steaks and ice cream, playing snooker, drinking sparkling wine, and jumping from a hot sauna into an ice cold bath. There wasn't a boring moment. Time flew by, I didn't get a chance to do some of the items on my itinerary, but it was all right. Not having enough time is what makes vacations special.

When I got back to my home town and into my office, it felt weird. I didn't know how to work. It seemed my mind was still on holiday.

Wow is the word.

I mean - how is one supposed to live like this, when that is an option?!

I've been talking about death to boredom and making life an adventure and life as a quest - yet a mere mini vacation of one day opened my eyes to the fact that I haven't been living like that in my everyday life at all!

I want the adventure! I want the swimming! I want the road trips going 100 mph with Fall Out Boy bursting out of the stereo! I want time to run out before the list is done! I want all of it - and I want it all the time, not just on holiday!

How the hell do you make your everyday life like that?

And that, dear reader, shall be my quest.


P.S. I went sailing today. Having my face burned off in the sun was totally worth it.