Wuthering Heights Was Supposed to Be Good... So What Gives? and other current thoughts

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Monday - WIP article time - write something - anything - empty head.

Ah, long gone are those golden 2018 days when I would have a hundred article ideas jotted down in advance. Now it seems like I remember it's article day only when it's 6.37 pm and I've spent the day catering to all kinds of other, "more important" business tasks. But I remember, because I wrote it down in the morning - so I would not forget, God forbid! - and now, my mind is buzzing with a million little ideas and not a single grand idea to fill an entire article.

I'll start doing the jotting-ideas-down-in-advance thing again. I promise. Tomorrow.

Right now, though, my head is like this:

How will I ever have the time to reach my 2021 goal by December? What if I burn out? When will I have time to go visit my family? Why is grammar so hard to Americans? When will I get my daily dose of You? Why isn't Wuthering Heights so far as amazing as I was told it would be? Am I ruining the hotel experience for myself forever by staying in them so often nowadays? Will I have time to enjoy the weather in the next four months if I have to work my butt off? AND WHY DO I THINK TIME IS SCARCE? Why is fermented beetroot juice so delicious? Bears, beets, Battlestar Galactica...

My life is so much about time these days that I wonder when I'll turn into a Christoper Nolan movie. Speaking of which...

I should watch Tenet again. And the original Ben-Hur. And read Les Misérables. And...


P.S. I'm really not trying to say I'm busy. In fact, I'm not busy at all. I'm trying to say I'm trapped in a time scarcity mindset. (It's a completely different thing.)