You never would have survived what I survived

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Since the beginning of time the corona shutdown thingy, I've been stuck home a lot and thus have looked through what HBO has to offer. I found this completely random little indie TV series called Game of Thornes. Or was it Thrones. Someone's name was Thorne. And there were fancy chairs as well. So go figure.

Basically it's a story about a boy who gets paralyzed from the waist down and this causes a chain of events that lead to said boy becoming the king. Or something. (Bran is obviously the main character of the series. You don't need to google the ending in advance to figure it out.)

The boy has some siblings, most of whom die, two of whom are sisters who have a dick measuring contest - as in, which has suffered the most. In season 7, when both sisters have finally found their ways back home, they have a moment when they accuse each other for not standing up and protecting their families enough. The older says: You never would have survived what I survived.

Almost the exact same thing has been said to me, and therefore I hate Sansa for saying it and take Arya's side, even if I never understood her earlier blood lust.

A few things to note:

  1. Sansa's line tells more about Sansa than it does about Arya, because
  2. Sansa hasn't seen Arya in years, so she doesn't know her anymore and is utterly ignorant of the strength she has developed, and
  3. Sansa has no idea what Arya herself has been through.

This arrogance and thinking you know others better than they know themselves is just... well... curious. I was going to say infuriating, but realized that to admit that something like that makes me angry is to feed the other party. So I'm not angry, or infuriated. I find it curious.

Because if someone has such an arrogant mindset, if someone tries to belittle others and their experiences like that, they reveal a great deal of themselves.

They reveal they're weak - they need to put others down to feel good about themselves.

They reveal they don't value their own battles and victories - a truly confident person would feel no need to compare them with those of others.

They reveal they need the appraisal of others - they enjoy it when others gape at their struggles and do not appreciate the appraise from themselves.

Perhaps Sansa didn't put much thought into what she was saying. But that only means she also is unthoughtful and lacks self control, on top of the arrogance and the low self-esteem and the ignorance.

Maybe she'll make up for it later. I can only watch and see. (Not that it matters, though, she's a fictional character.)