You're different - be proud of it!

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When you were a kid, were you bullied because you were the only one who preferred Bounty bars over Mars bars? Or because you liked to read science books? Or maybe because you didn't have the coolest new sneakers in the block?

These are somewhat random examples, but the point here is that if you indeed were different from others, and perhaps got bullied for it, did you feel ashamed or empowered?

The media usually gives another scenarios of situations like these, but I can only assume I'm not the only one who was, in some way, wise for their age and felt empowered by being called weird. Because you're different from those others who are all the same. Even if they are trying to show you in a negative light, you're the one that's special. And you know, deep down in your heart, that being special in any way is a good thing.

Did I once, in junior high, attempt to gain popularity by buying and wearing more stylish clothes? Yes. It didn't work. Because clothes do not make you - your personal attributes and how you treat others do. I had always been an introvert, and no new piece of clothing could suddenly make me talk to people and make them invite me to parties. (I managed to "cure" myself of introversion later, but this is another story.)

So if you're an introvert lone wolf like me, or in other way different from the masses, be proud of it.

Anyone who ever made a difference in the world, anyone who ever accomplished something, anyone who ever had an extraordinary life, was different from the others. Just look at history. The evidence is right there.

A mentality like that seems like a good place to start.