You're living your dream life

. 2 min read

How often do you take a moment to realize that you're actually living your dream life?

And no, that's not a typo or a brain fart - I really mean that every single person on Earth, regardless of what their lives looks like, is living their dream life. This follows absolutely and inevitably from the fact that your life will become whatever you think about all day. So if you constantly think about how miserable your life is, that is what you dream about as well, and that's what your life will look like. (Show me a person who focuses their thoughts on how life is suffering, yet dreams about a wonderful life. It's a contradiction. You can't think negatively and dream positively at the same time.)

So, your life is what you've made of it; what you see around you every day are the things you thought about and dreamt about; and now, it's here, you're living your dream life.

It's amazing, incredible, hopeful, and frightening - all at once.

I've known for a while now that I'm living my dream life. It's like this subconscious bubbling feeling, I know what it is, I acknowledge and enjoy it, but I don't pay much attention to it. Until today, some time after arriving at the office, when I was listening to a YouTube video - and POP, the bubbling in my subconscious reached the surface of my consciousness. Holy shit! I had thought and dreamt of an inspiring office, and I'm literally working in it right now. I had thought and dreamt of being a professional writer, and now I am one. I had thought and dreamt of running my own business, and now I am. I had thought and dreamt of an excellent and healthy body, and now I have one. I had thought and dreamt of solving my mental health issues, and now my mental health is better than ever.

I look around, and everywhere I see thing and ideas and concepts I had thought and dreamt about - in a realized form. I wonder how mindblowing it will feel when I eventually move into that Gothic mansion by the sea I keep thinking and dreaming about in the present. Or the first time I run down my own pier and jump into the water. I'll have to figure our more and grander things to think and dream about, and this thought alone excites me to no end.

It's not easy to realize you're living the dream when you're in it, but if you take a step back to look around, you'll realize you've reached a place you used to dream about as the perfect - or miserable - life. (The choice is up to you.)