40 Days Until Christmas!

. 1 min read

Remember when I suggested you keep a list with you about good gift ideas? You do? Great! Wherever you have it, get it now. It's 40 days until Christmas. The time is now.

Start getting the gifts.

Personally, I started weeks ago - mainly because some of my gifts this year include DIY knitted/crafted elements and making those takes a lot of time I won't have later - but it's perfectly ok if you haven't. But seriously, you should start now. Before it's too late. Before you go to the stores and see that all the good ideas you had earlier have been sold out and you have to settle for chocolates and other impersonal gifts.

There are a few ways you can go about this. If you like to make gifts yourself, get the supplies and get grinding, time is running out! If you want to make the procuring process easy for yourself, order everything online. And if you enjoy the shopping experience, then go get the gifts from wherever they sell them. You can even spread this out on multiple days if you life, or visit the stores whenever you're in the area in the upcoming weeks, to create the ultimate heart-warming gift shopping experience.

I like to think quality trumps quantity when it comes to Christmas gifts, but you're free to disagree with me. Even I did a couple of years back. It's up to you. So if you like seeing a whole mountain of gifts under the tree on Christmas day, feel free to get the chocolates and the candles and the other general impersonal gifts along with the good, personal ones, to (over)fill the area under the tree. (It will not only look absolutely stunning, but also you get to gift wrap every single one of them, which is always fun!)

So get up your butt and get the gifts. You definitely won't have time for it later.