75 days until Christmas

. 1 min read

Christmas is coming. In 75 days, in fact. And all I have done is procure some chocolates.

This is not all right, of course. The new me is just as much of a Christmas person as the old me, if not more. I need to level up my game. After all, this year's holiday season will be

bigger, better, more grandiose, more extravagant and flamboyant and magnificent and overall more legendary

than any other Christmas before.

Here's a checklist to make that happen:

  1. At least two Christmas trees. Maybe a third smaller one for the bedroom.
  2. More gifts than ever. Quantity trumps quality here. Quality can be reserved for birthdays and anniversaries. Christmas needs avalanches of presents.
  3. Extravagant Christmas cards with moving parts and a fancy and stylish color scheme.
  4. Christmas food, all day, every day, in December. Cooking. Baking.
  5. Candles! Joik has a set of four festive scented candles that I absolutely must have.
  6. Cozy loungewear for those days when all I do is drink coffee from my Christmas mug and watch The Office all day.
  7. Fancy Christmas-wear for those days when I go out shopping.
  8. A Christmas Carol ballet show.
  9. A one-night trip to some city in Europe with a Christmas market.
  10. Lights! Decorations!
  11. Carols! Ambiance videos! A Harry Potter movie marathon!

Most of the items on the list above can only be done in December, though.

What I can do right now is

  1. Design a color scheme for the cards.
  2. Start planning, getting, and making gifts.
  3. Start looking for advent calendars.
  4. Buy chocolates with a far enough expiration date so I don't need to eat them until December.
  5. Do mediation sessions with visualizations about Christmas.

I think those might be a good start.