A Cardonian piece of advice

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An article posted in August last year explained how Grant Cardone's 10X rule works. The article goes into depth about it so check that out as well, but in a nutshell, you should multiply every numerical goal you have with a factor of 10 to make you work harder. You may not achieve it, but at least you'll surpass the original goal by miles.

Another nifty hack for success Cardone has talked about in interviews is about writing goals down. Now, put like this, it doesn't sound like inveting the wheel, but the advice doesn't stop there. You see, according to Cardone, you have to write down your goals every morning, and every night.

It's a process. Instead of writing your goal on a piece of paper once, the moment you decide on the goal, and then put the piece of paper somewhere to be forgotten, you write down your goals twice a day. This way you'll never let your brain forget what you're trying to achieve. You may write the same things for years, or your goals might change, due to achieving them and moving on to bigger game or because of a value shift. It doesn't matter - as long as you write your goals down, every morning, and every night.

The morning write initializes your brain and subconscious so that during your daily activities, you'll try to do things that move you closer to the goals, even if you don't notice it. The evening write prepares your brain for a night full of innovative dreaming as well as an eagerness to get up in the next morning. Fundamentally, the system keeps your mind in a constant state of seeking progress.

So get a pen and a notebook and start writing down your goals - right after you wake up, and right before going to bed. Keep the equipment handy on your nightstand to make the process easy. And by all means, 10X all the goals you think about.