An Incredibly Successful Black Friday (aka My Only Regret)

. 2 min read

To be honest, I'm not much of a bargain hunter. I just buy whatever I want, regardless of the cost. So when my partner and I went shopping today, I hadn't realized that the stores, especially electronic stores, would be so packed with people.

It didn't matter, though, because we literally found everything we were looking for! A device to attach to our Marshall speaker to play Christmas carols; a new toaster (the old one blew a fuse!), fabric to reupholster the couch, 6.5 feet of spruce panel to make a piece of furniture, AND a weird and massive hanging lantern that we had seen before elsewhere not on sale, yet managed to find it today on sale in another store. How lucky can you get?! I had given up hope of ever getting it, and there it was!

Anyway, it's safe to say that Christmas is coming along nicely. Our home will look incredibly stylish and festive. Being able to listen to carols in the background is so important to me, and now that's been secured as well. As well as toast. I can hardly wait to get to make a toasted tuna sandwich next Wednesday! So all I need anymore is more chocolates and some sandwich ingredients.

Speaking of tuna... you know the Calvin and Hobbes strip where the two are trying to trick Susie into a water balloon ambush by using reverse psychology? In it, Calvin says:

My only regret is blowing the best day of my life while I'm so young.

This has become my mantra lately, albeit in an ironic way, because every time I have the best day of my life and declare this out loud (like last Monday, and then on Wednesday when I bought wall paint, and then today when we found everything we wanted on our shopping spree), I already know that another best day of my life is just around the corner. For example, I get to pull the Hogwarts out of the outer box next Wednesday (best day of my life), knowing that I get to play with it sometime later (the best day of my life), while Christmas is still coming (best day of my life), and our New Year's seminar (best day of my life), and 2022 (made of best days of my life).

The universe is so conspiring in my favor.