Today's the Best Day of My Life! aka Proof that I'm a Child at Heart

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First, before I forget: I bought the Villeroy & Boch mug. The Toy's Fantasy Jumbo Santa extravaganza. While it was less than 1.7 cups, it's all right - the kind woman at the store who helped me find the perfect mug told me that they didn't have anything more voluminous, so I chose the biggest Santa mug they had and bought it, with all intention to check the exact volume at home later. So yay! My Christmas vision is coming together.

Now onto the more important news of the day! You see,

Today is the best day of my life!

And the reason is that

I bought a Lego Hogwarts!

I think I mentioned in my book, The Art of Playing, that I was planning to buy a Hogwarts Lego set to assemble and play with during the holidays next month. So this morning, when my partner suggested that we go somewhere before work, I mentioned that I'd like to visit the store with the good Lego selection again sometime before December. I didn't think he'd actually suggest we go there today, and even I was thinking more like next weekend or something - but unexpectedly, he suggested we go there right away, giving me half an hour to finish my morning coffee.

I felt a surge of excitement and knew immediately that if the store still had any Lego Hogwartses left, I would buy one.

The moment we arrived at the store, I walked over to the customer service and asked if they had the castle.

They had ONE left.

I showed my excitement quite openly and asked the customer service representative if the one they had was mine. (Such a silly question, I admit. I was so excited.) He quickly reserved the one for me and told me I could get it in a few minutes at the pick-up checkout, handing the reservation receit for me. I thanked him, and I must have grinned rather expressively because he let out a chuckle. (Probably beyong obvious that I was buying the thing for myself!)

A few minutes later I went to the pick-up checkout and handed the cashier there the receit. (Apparently, she, too, caught my excitement. My partner told me afterwards that she looked like she wished she got a Hogwarts Lego set as well.) She went to get my order from the back and came out a moment later pushing a box in a trolley, telling me that I could take the Lego set in trolley to the parking garage and just leave the trolley there. It seemed weird - the box wasn't that big - but I paid, thanked the cashier with the same sincerely wide grin, and pushed the trolley out towards the elevators.

Before the elevators, I stopped to check if I could just carry the box to the carage. I was astounded by the weight. (I checked online later - almost 20 lb.) And no wonder - it's got 6020 pieces!

Anyway - my grin wouldn't subside! I was so happy, and I am still! I can't wait to get to assemble it and play with it! I can't believe that I actually bought the set - still a year or even a few months ago I might not have been able to justify such a purchase. I've come so far! No mental block could stop me from buying myself, a grown woman, a Lego set! Today is the best day of my life!

I'm so happy! Hee hee! I didn't know that you could feel this kind of child-like excitement as an adult. I also feel like such a HP nerd, haha!


P.S. I also got Bertie Bott's Every Flavor Beans. Not because I like them - I certainly don't - but because of nostalgia. I haven't watched a single HP movie all year, so when December arrives and the ban is lifted, I want everything to be perfect for my Dudley's special day first Philosopher's Stone screening, including all of the fan stuff I have, as well as appropriate snacks, thus the Beans. Where could I get chocolate frogs and Galleons?