Apparently, low-fat can work

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About two weeks ago I published an article about random Tuesday thoughts and mentioned I know a girl who wants to lose weight. I spoke about how I thought she was sabotaging herself in order to make her subconscious believe she simply isn't able to lose weight and thus needs (deserves) a surgery.

Well, now the girl has seen a nutritionist and has got clear instructions as to what to do in order to lose weight. From what I could tell, she was to eat low-fat (skimmed milk, 98 % fat-free yoghurt) meals on regular intervals - every three to four hours, from morning until late evening. A lot of grains (bread and pasta and rice) or potatoes, some protein, some veggies, some fruit. And those low-fat dairy sources.

I asked her how it was going. She said she'd lost 6.6 lb in a week.

Now, you could say that's just water weight - and it probably was. You could also say that overweight people lose a lot of weight in the beginning and then it slows down - and that would be right as well. But neither of those change the fact that her weight was going down. You need to shed that water at one point or the other, so why not in the beginning?

We had an article here on WIP at the end of April in which it was hypothesized that there are two ways to lose weight: to eat low-carb and high-fat, or to eat high-carb and low-fat. Both of these work, at least in theory, and it's up to your individual preferences or physical and mental characteristics which works best for you.

I reckon this is what is dividing the nutritional world apart at the moment: people are only speaking from their individual standpoints, from their personal experiences, without taking into account that the other way might be working better for someone else. I don't know if high-fat, low-carb would work with the girl I know. But at least the other one is. And even though I tend to think milk, especially skimmed milk, is bad for your health, perhaps losing weight is more important for her right now - or perhaps it's not unhealthy for her. At least she's working towards getting rid of the cause of her problems, her excess weight.

So, apparently, low-fat can work. Some are perhaps even thriving on it. I, or you, don't need to change our diets and try the other way to let people eat as they please. They're not trying to force that fat-free yoghurt down your throat, are they?