Dare to Delegate!

. 1 min read

One of the biggest lessons I've learned this year so far is the art of delegating. Last New Year's, I chose a massive goal for 2021, one that was supposed to demand consistent effort throughout the year from me. Well, at least theoretically. Sometime in April I realized that at the pace I was going, I was never going to reach the goal.

So, naturally, because I'm so insanely bad at making promises I can't keep, I did the only thing I could do. I delegated. I learned to delegate.

Because as I learned from my own book, Life Lessons from The Queen's Gambit (yes, I'm that narcissistic), you don't need to make it alone to make it. You can ask for help. You can delegate. You can use your resources to get more done in less time.

Is that what the gurus talk about, by the way? When they talk about work smarter, not harder and work less, make more and such?

Yes - I outsourced some of the work I had intended to do myself, and ta-da! I had lifted my business to a new level, changing my job title from writer to publisher. Hell, I can call myself whatever I want now. Chief editor. Senior story leader. Executive president Eeyore.

And you know what? I'm good at it. I'm actually good at it. I get to do all those little things I love so much - editing, proofreading, formatting documents, writing - all day, every day.

What's more, I'm confident I'll reach that massive numeric goal of 2021. And then, when New Year's arrives, I'll make an even more massive goal for 2022. Because I can. And because I can delegate.

If there's a way you can delegate some of your work, do it. It could change your life!