Doing something scary || Morning routines to reach any goal

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This is sort of part 2, or level-up, of Thursday's Morning routines to reach any goal article. In that article, I urged you to take a freezing cold shower every morning as a means to teach your mind to get used to go outside your comfort zone. Today's routine takes your comfort zone and wipes the floor with it.

You see, in order to be unstoppable in this world, you must be willing and able to do scary things - things the normal people aren't willing or able to do. If you can cast aside your fear, you can do anything. If you can ignore that voice in your head that says it's not worth it, you'll die trying, and you'll be humiliated in front of everyone - there's not limit to what you can accomplish in your life.

But here's the catch: you must prove it.

It's no enough that you know in your mind that you can do it, that you can cast aside the fear and ignore the voice. The knowledge in itself is not sufficient. You have to actually do the thing you're afraid to do. It has no value otherwise; you'll be no different from the guy who has a great business idea and never executes it. (Only to see someone else execute it a year later.)

I'm not saying you shouldn't have fear at all. I'm saying you should do something scary, despite the fear. Obviously.

Soif you can, start your day vy doing something scary - something you feel hesitation to do. You can start with something small, and build from there. Eventually you'll be able to so something truly scary with the same amount of hesitation.

You just have to start somewhere.