How to shake yourself awake || Morning routines to reach any goal

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Morning routines to reach any goal article series is back with part 4. But before be get down to business, make sure to check out parts 1, 2, and 3 as well! Now, with that said, let's add another part to the routine that will make you invincible. I've talked about this Spartan hack before here on WIP, but it's worth repeating.

Right after you wake up (early), among your routine of coffee and goal listing and getting ready for your "one thing" time block, you should place freezing cold water on your skin. You can start with just washing your hands, then upgrade to splashing cold water on your face. Finally, once you're grown the balls to do it, you can take up the habit of freezing cold showers or ice baths.

(If you skip stages 1-2 and go straight to stage 3, you truly are a Spartan. Kudos.)

I cannot stress enough how the ability to go beyond your comfort zone and step under the cold water shower, while your mind screams at you to get back in your warm bed, will effect your mind. If you do it once, you can do it again. And if you can do it consistently, every day, you can do a whole lot of things. Scarier things. Things you thought you couldn't do. Things that were only rendered possible by the realization that you can take a cold shower at will.

Both this and waking up earlier than you're used to are both excellent ways to go outside the notorious comfort zone - one of the biggest things (along with resistance and fear of life/death) trying to stop you from doing whatever you want in your life. But as long as you honor the comfort zone and don't go near it and definitely don't break it down with a hammer or try to climb over it, you'll never do anything remarkable in your life. Whatever that remarkable could be in your mind.

So step under the ice cold water, and roar: Down the comfort zone! Kill resistance! Death to fear!

Everything I ever dreamed of, here I come!