Easter weekend baby!

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This is kinda funny. I feel like I'm so much of a Christmas person that no other holiday can really be classified as "my thing". But if the birthday of Jesus is so important to me, why isn't his deathday?

The truth is, I really like Easter. There are so many fun Easter traditions in my family, ones I uphold yearly in my household. We hide chocolate eggs on Easter sunday. We decorate the house accordingly, if only to some extent. Usually I also watch the only Easter movie there is (Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone, which incidentally is also a Halloween movie and a Christmas movie, which also also incidentally incidentally I cannot watch this Easter because I've made a deal with myself not to watch any of the Potter movies until December this year).

But hey! Chocolate eggs! Easter bunnies! Pastel colors! Lamb chops! What's not to love?!

Okay, pastel colors are definitely not my thing, but it's alright. You can appreciate even the things you don't normally like if they're present on just one weekend a year.

So here's what's going down this weekend:

  1. Excellent food, mainly meat-based. (I must get my hands on some lamb.)
  2. Excellent chocolate eggs. (I said meat-based, not hardcore carnivore.)
  3. Willow branches, perhaps with white feathers, and daffodils.
  4. Egg hunt, board games, and a not-Potter Easter movie (like Minions or The Passion of the Christ).
  5. Some work. (Too much free time is too much.)

In the spirit of the best year ever project, this will be the best Easter ever!


P.S. I would also love to attend an Easter mass. Damn you covid.