Fourth Quarter Review for My Best Year Ever Project

. 2 min read

The end is not near... it's here. (Band of Horses.)

It's the last day of 2021 and oh boy was it a great year. I'm having a hard time grasping the magnitude of awesomeness this year has been full of.

February 1st, after a tough January that culminated in a life-changing epiphany, I decided that 2021 would be the best year of my life so far, regardless of the cost. So I got an office, started swimming in the sea, went to the gym for a while, upgraded my business, wrote, made videos, drank champagne, stayed in hotels, read good books, saw good movies and TV series, visited family, and worked like crazy, reaching every goal I had set for this year and achieving just about every item on my vision board. To say that this has been the best year ever, would be an understatement.

In a nutshell, my best year ever project is going SO well.

In the fourth quarter of the best year ever:

  1. I wrote 19 books, one of which became a #1 bestseller in its category.
  2. I hit my numerical work target for 2021 and even went 10 % over it.
  3. I handled a family crisis with (relative) grace.
  4. I scripted, shot, edited, and published season 1 of The Weekly Wyat, my YT podcast of sorts.
  5. I began embracing and leaning into my feminine side. (This will continue in 2022.)
  6. I had the best Christmas ever, full of chocolate, excellent movies, little road trips at night, decorations, walks in nature, wrapping gifts, The Office, and yes, a Lego Hogwarts. (Finished it on Christmas Eve. The process was fun and the end result beyond amazing.)
  7. The fear I usually have this time of year about the upcoming spring turning out a boring time of waiting for fall disappeared, and instead, I'm more excited about it than ever and have actually been looking forward to the new year for weeks now.

All there's left to do this year is have a seminar, watch For a Few Dollars More, look at fireworks... and have a whole bottle of champagne.

Bring on 2022!