How to Take the Ring to Mordor

. 1 min read

I wrote earlier about my feelings about not struggling enough to earn a Christmas holiday indulgence in December. I was worried that since my daily workload felt relatively easy, I wouldn't get that euphoric feeling of relaxation after November.

So, naturally, my mind arranged it so that I would be taking the ring to Mordor just in time before December. I didn't have to do anything myself - it was all my subconscious. Here's how it did it.

  1. Slack with work for a week or two, so you'll suddenly be behind and have to grind long hours to make up for it at the end of the month.
  2. Take on a restrictive diet that makes your palate extra sensitive so you'll enjoy beef burgers with goat cheese even more than usual after a couple of weeks of eggs and broccoli. (Not really recommending this to anyone, though. Even I'm worried that I'll overdo the Christmas chocolates afterwards.)
  3. Ramp up your planned work quota.
  4. Realize that you haven't even started gift shopping yet. Or card making. Or going through the ornaments. Let the sense of hurry paralyze you for a few days... so you'll have even less time to finish work.

Abiding to the tips above, the last 2.5 weeks should be a (masochist) delight!