I manifested a sofa in 30 hours

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Did I mention I got into law of attraction last August? Quick archive check... Yes. Yes I did. Okay. Good.

Last night, I watched this video by the law of attraction expert Mary Kate. I tried the technique she explains in it while watching the video - even though she instructed to do it in the morning. She also instructed to pick one thing to manifest, so I immediately thought about my office and how it needs a sofa. So I tried the technique, asking for a sofa.

30 hours later, around 2 pm this afternoon, I found the perfect sofa and bought it.

And when I say perfect, I mean

  • it's leather
  • it's the same brown color as my beautiful waxed desk
  • the cushions are just the right hardness
  • the legs are black
  • it's the right size for the space: not too big, but big enough to lie down on without bending the knees
  • it included shipping, so I don't need to rent a van
  • I got a to-the-door delivery for it, meaning, the weight doesn't matter because I don't have to carry it up the three flights of stairs
  • it was freaking cheap (less than 600 bucks)
  • the delivery time is in days, not months.

If this is not the law of attraction working, I don't know what is.

I'm so excited! What else could I manifest to make my office as inspiring and stylish as possible?


Photo by Paul Weaver on Unsplash