I've been doing the law of attraction thing a lot lately (and now I'm screwed)

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So I mentioned I'd gotten really into the law of attraction lately. Per this newfound enthusiasm I have since then done something about it every day. I watch a lot of LOA videos on YouTube. I've scripted a perfect day a couple of times. I've written down my gratitude for things as if I already had them. I've used affirmations to ask the universe for certain things. I've even started building a vision board.

And guess what? The funniest side effect happened. The moment I've sent out a specific wish out there, it seems like I don't need to ask for it anymore. It's as if I already have it, in the sense that it's on the way. And on the way feels as good as already mine.

When I was doing my research about LOA, everyone said that you need to let go of the wish once you've put it out there. I thought I couldn't do it, that I would be constantly thinking about the wish and asking for it again and again and wondering why it didn't happen yet. But how I felt was the exact opposite - I felt like letting it go - and what's more, I felt it without forcing it. It came about completely naturally.

It was as if I had written the wish down on a post-it note and put it somewhere safe so I didn't have to think about it anymore, because I knew it was safe and that I could retrieve it later.

Now I feel like I don't have to ask for anything anymore because I've already asked for everything I want and everything I asked for has been sent my way and is steadily approaching me at all times. Asking for it again won't speed up the process. Get what I mean?

So, naturally, I was wondering what interesting I could do with all of this next. I stumbled upon this "asking the universe for a sign" thing, where you say out loud

Dear universe, thank you for giving me the sign of ___ if ___ .

You're supposed to fill the sign blank with whatever comes to mind first, without questioning it, and the second blank with whatever manifestation you want proof of. I wanted to know if the things on my vision board were on the way to me.

And the thing that immediately popped into my head when I wondered what sign I should ask was a red octopus.

I know.

Where the hell am I going to see a red octopus?? (And why red? I don't even like red!!)

Funnily enough, everyone I read about who had tried this had wondered the same thing with the signs that popped into their heads. They started rationalizing, thinking it was a bad idea, that of course the universe would not show something so far fetched, that you should pick another, easier sign.

The moment they let go obsessing over the sign, the universe showed it. (Or rather, their directed perception picked it up from their visual sensory input.)

When I started writing this article, I was panicking over not going to see the sign.

Now, I've began to let go.

(We'll see, though.)


P.S. I saw a lilac octopus about 16 hours later. Does that count?