IBIH turbo Atkins chicken soup diet: the results

. 2 min read

Okay people! Round 2 of the IBIH 5-day turbo Atkins chicken soup diet is done! I did round 1 back in September 2018 and had amazing results - I lost over 4 lb in 5 days. This time, instead of weighing myself to see the results, I measured my body - waist, hips, thigh, calf, and arm - in the morning of day 1 (last Monday), and in the morning after day 5 (Saturday, a few minutes ago). Here are the results!

Waist: -0.8 in
Hips: -0.4 in
Thigh: -0.4 in
Calf: -0.2 in
Arm: -0 in

How amazing is that! (Okay, not as amazing as I expected. Reasons follow.)

However, to be honest, I had a little tougher time than on round 1. I ate a lot of coconut fudge last Sunday and craved it insanely from Monday to Wednesday. I also forgot to eat the chicken soup on Thursday - I had a late breakfast and a snack and was to satisfied and not hungry that before I noticed, my meal window had closed (3 hours before bedtime) and I had no choice but to leave it in the fridge. Well, what can you do.

But never mind that, because I think you can do the diet anyway you want. And since I don't do it to lose weight, it doesn't matter that I don't follow it to the T. For instructions on how I plan to do the diet, check out last Monday's article.

So if not to lose weight, what do I do the diet for? Well, first of all, I like the idea of testing my willpower. I like keto desserts and snacks - a little too much in fact - and I find it beneficial to make myself abstain from them from time to time, even if it's just for 5 days. 5 days is just enough for me to get rid of the sweet tooth! Another reason is that the diet somehow seems to purify my body, skin, and mind. It feels like a detox.

There are downsides to this diet, however. One thing I noticed this time around was that if you have even a little bit of reindeer tenderloin just before eating the soup, the delicacy of the soup decreases dramatically. Which is remarkable since if you don't eat anything just before the soup, it tastes truly amazing and satisfying. Another thing: the diet is so effective in reducing both water and fat from my body that my hipbones tend to start to stick out unattractively by day 4. I usually consciously eat more after the diet to fix it.

With all that said, you can do the IBIH 5-day turbo Atkins chicken soup diet, for any reason you may have - but it's by no means necessary in either the keto diet or weight loss in general, and I can't promise you get the same results that I get - be it the change in weight, measurements, willpower, or cravings. Different things work for different people. All I hope is that you feel great, energetic, and limitless, whichever way you choose to live and eat.