Sometimes you need to remind yourself of your gender

. 1 min read

Remember when I said that stress doesn't suit women?

Well, apparently, I'm a gigantic hypocrite, because

  1. I am a woman, and
  2. I have been worried (read: stressed) about not working enough or not having enough work or whatever.

I need Bobby Cannavale to tell me to cut the shit. (Iykyk.)

I need to relax, embrace being over doing, and not feel guilty about random things.

It's always easier said than done, of course. But I can do hard things. And how can I know how hard it will be if I haven't even tried it?

Today, the shit will get cut, I will enjoy a relaxed day of being over doing, and use my time and energy on something fun, like Christmas planning or reading a book or playing Metro: Last Light or walking outside.